Amber Rose Says She Misses Her Life As An Exotic Dancer, Points Out Double Standard For Male Strippers
Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Amber Rose is a fashion icon, sunglasses connoisseur, spokeswoman and model, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t remember her days in the strip club. 

Ready for the return of her podcast, Loveline With Amber Rose, the VH1 talk show host decided to reminisce about her days in the strip club, working the pole with her friend Blac Chyna. Although women like Amber and Chyna are continuously labeled everything from “slut” to “gold digger,” the Philadelphia native doesn’t let the haters deter her from missing her days of strip club past. 

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When discussing with her co-host, Dr. Chris Donaghue, about the lives of former celebrity male strippers i.e. Channing Tatum and The Game versus female strippers like herself and Blac Chyna, she held nothing back when defending the ladies of the strip game. 

“When it comes to me and Chyna they’re fuckin’ hoes, they’re gold diggers…they’re only out for money,” says Amber. “Basically saying we have no heart, like we don’t fall in love with these people that we’re with…they always bring up our stripper past. Mind you, time of my f—-n life: miss the pole – I got a pole in my f—n house…”

Find out what else Amber has to say on her CBS Radio podcast, returns to airwaves tonight!