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Alvin Ailey to Produce First Multi-Year Show 'Untitled America'

The dance production will offer an artistic interpretation of a much talked about topic in the African American community--mass incarceration.
Alvin Ailey to Produce First Multi-Year Show ‘Untitled America’
Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images

The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater announced the debut of a multi-year production for the first time in company history.

The Source reports that the production, Untitled America, will approach the discourse of the American prison system and the impact that it has on individuals and families across generations and communities.

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Choregraphed by Kyle Abraham, a MacArther ‘genius grant’ winner most known for his avant-garde approach to dance, the attraction will be performed in a three-part suite.

The first of the dance installments is set to premiere December 9 ending on January 2. Other installments will debut throughout 2016. 

Tickets are sold here.