Alton Sterling’s Family Is Still Waiting For Answers
Gerald Herbert-Pool/Getty Images

Alton Sterling’s family and supporters are frustrated with Baton Rouge police and are calling for answers in the 37-year-old man’s death.

Sterling’s family says they haven’t received any information or an update on the three-month-old investigation after he was shot and killed by police in July. Demonstrators were gathered outside City Hall to march to the governor’s mansion on Monday, when they realized they had the perfect opportunity to talk to officials.

“While we were outside, we found out a police reform meeting was being held inside,” Arthur Reed, founder of Stop The Killing, the group that released cell phone footage of Sterling’s death, told The Huffington Post. 

“We’re concerned by a lack of answers in the shooting,” said Reed. “The family had a simple question: ‘What is the status of the investigation?'”

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However, with the Department of Justice heading up the investigation, Sterling’s family is finding it hard to get answers. Sandra Sterling, the victim’s aunt, said, “I feel left out, because y’all are not calling me no more. So it makes me think that I don’t matter no more. So if I don’t matter no more, Alton don’t matter no more.”

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Following Sterling’s death, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards assured the public that official would be transparent with the investigation. The Department of Justice also announced that it was launching a civil rights investigation. However, according to Sterling’s family and supporters, police haven’t been transparent at all and the lack of updates has left everyone upset. 

“We’re tired of waiting,” said Veda Sterling. The Department of Justice hasn’t indicated how long the investigation will take. DOJ spokesman David Jacobs sent The Huffington Post a copy of a July press release stating that they are investigating Sterling’s death and could not respond any further.