It’s time to say “so long” to summer and fall back into autumn. But before you put the cover on the grill and store the citronella candles, it’s time for one last backyard party. Labor Day is just a few days away, so send out the invite text to all your friends and family for the Labor Day BBQ at your place (or a park near you) this weekend. Who’s Invited? Because this party is a closing ceremony of sorts for all the fun you’ve had in the heat, you should invite all of the people you’ve had good times with under the sun this summer. Invite your neighbors, relatives, friends and even the kids’ friends. This all-age party will be fun for everyone! Dress Code You know how they say that you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Well, this is the time to wear all-white for the last time. When you send out the invite text or make that Facebook event, be sure to emphasize that this is an all-white party. Everyone from granny to the little kiddies running around should be in white. This is an easy way to have a fun, themed party. It will also look cool in the photos when you see everyone in the same color. The Last (Summer BBQ) Supper Whether you have an intimate party or a house full of people, the grill needs to be fired up! It would relieve a ton of cooking stress on your part if you made this a pot luck BBQ… For more tip to planning your Labor Day BBQ, click here.