Judging from the title of Alicia Keys’ new single, “New Day,” the singer was apparently looking for newness in more ways than one. The songstress gave fans a glimpse of her new asymmetrical bob hairstyle last week, proudly tweeting “It’s an #aknewday in EVERY way!”

Tippi Shorter, Keys’ longtime hairstylist, is the mane maven responsible for the star’s fresh cut. Shorter says that Keys had been in the market for a new hairstyle for quite some time.

“Alicia has talked about cutting her for the last five years,” Shorter told ESSENCE.com. “This seemed like the perfect time [for a cut] with the release of a new song appropriately titled ‘New Day.’”

When Shorter and Keys went to the drawing board to decide on a new ‘do, Shorter says it was important that Keys maintain the versatility of her ever-evolving tresses.

“She wanted something that she could still wear curly, but also that could translate to edgy as well as sexy so we decided on a short slightly asymmetrical choppy bob. She loves it and I’m excited for all of the styling possibilities,” said Shorter.

Shorter isn’t the only one who’s excited about Keys’ new style. In our ESSENCE.com beauty poll, 73% of voters loved the cut while another 20% agreed that Keys looks great in any hairstyle.  Want to weigh in?  Take our poll below!