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Alicia Keys Says Motherhood is a 'Billion Times Better Than Expected'

Alicia Keys continues to gush over motherhood.
In recent weeks we’ve heard from all the new moms from across the board. Viola Davis has found her purpose in caring for her new child Genesis, Beyonce is gushing about her impending due date to everyone and of course Alicia Keys is so proud to be a mom she’s bursting at the seams.

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According to Black Celeb Kids, Alicia Keys thinks “motherhood is a billion times better” than she ever expected. “It’s all the things everyone ever said, but you don’t know it until you’re there. It’s a really special time, and I feel so honored that I get to help somebody in this world find his wings, and navigate and learn happiness, and be loved. Actually, he’s helping me learn, because I’m smarter now. He’s awesome! I’m having a ball!”

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Just a few weeks ago while working the red carpet of her 8th annual Black Ball, benefiting her Keep a Child Alive charity, she mentioned that it’s important to raise a charitable son.

Motherhood is all the rage in the music industry and Hollywood — can’t wait to see how it translates into their upcoming music and movie projects.