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Alicia Keys Releases a New Song, 'New Day'

After more than two years off the music scene, Alicia Keys is back with new music.
Today, Alicia Keys released her first song in two and half years. “New Day” is upbeat from the start and will surely leave people dancing in the club.

Yesterday, the piano diva put out a very intimate video message to her fans teasing what this new album would sound like. Keys said, “I’m a different person. I’m a new person. Everything is new. From being married and having a baby…”

The past two plus years have been anything but stagnant for the star. Keys married producer Swizz Beatz in a private ceremony aboard a yacht in the south of France in 2010. That fall, the couple welcomed a baby boy named Egypt. In the months to come, Keys would begin working on the Broadway play Stick Fly. She told fans in that same video that she’s been working on new music for the last eight months, saying she was “ready to be set free” by this new album.

What do you think of Alicia Keys’ new song, “New Day?”