Alicia Keys fans have been patiently waiting for new material from the 14-time Grammy winner. Over the past few months Keys has teased new music (“Not Even a King”), but she revealed in an intimate video on her Youtube channel that she’s more than ready for the world to hear what she’s been cooking up for eight months.

Keys says she’s changed so much since the release of her 2009 album, Element of Freedom. Since then she wed producer Swizz Beatz and welcomed her son Egypt. “I’ve gone through so much growth and so much realization,” she said in a violet lit room next to a piano. “Realizing that in life things come and different things change. I’ve learned that I have to trust myself and trust my instincts. I had to. I have to be braver than I’ve ever had to be before… I’m a different person. I’m a new person. Everything is new. From being married and having a baby and what that’s done for me… it’s given me a sense of real stability… connection, grounding, reason and purpose.”

From her experiences, Keys says she’s become smarter and she’s now focused on what matters most, her son. “I’ve become so much more intelligent and I survey the landscape more and try to come up with what’s the best thing for me,” she says. “What’s the best thing for Egypt, what’s the best thing for our family.”

She wrapped up the nearly six minute video by saying that she’s “hungry” and that she’s “ready to be set free” with this new album. And that day may be coming sooner than expected. She took to Twitter earlier today to give fans a heads up about a little surprise coming their way tomorrow. “Beyond excited for tomorrow… I have a surprise for you! It’s gonna be a #AKNewDay ;-)”


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