Coming on the heels of a hugely successful 8th Annual Black Ball, Keys is letting everyone know she’s not quite ready for baby number two.

Perhaps as a way of signaling fans she’s preparing for another stellar year in music, Keys quickly pumped the breaks on questions about expanding her family with producer husband Swizz Beatz.

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“I definitely see myself having another child,” she says. “[But] not in the next year. I’m going to have to go on tour first,” she told the New York Post.

Already in the studio cooking up good music, this mommy knows first hand how difficult it is keep her one year old son Egypt grounded.

PHOTOS: Alicia Keys 8th Annual Black Ball

“His birthday came [last month] and there are like a hundred, billion, trillion thousand gifts,” she said. “That can’t happen for Christmas. I need to figure this out now because he’s not going to be this terror 5-year-old child [shouting[, ‘Give me!'”

But on the flip side she aims to teach him to be charitable, “For him to be able to see what happens in the world and be able to see different cultures and people and happenings — I think it opens up your mind wide up,” said Keys, according to People.