“It’s okay if I can’t do every single thing. I finally understand that it doesn’t make me a lesser artist or human being…” –Alicia Keys
Alicia’s New Day
This girl is on fire! With her fifth studio album recently released and a worldwide tour to prepare for…Alicia Keys is busy! Here, the 14-time Grammy Award-winning artist, AIDS activist, wife and mom talks to ESSENCE about spiritual makeovers—and how she learned to say no in order to create a more balanced approach to her world. Keys—who lives in SoHo with her husband, producer Swizz Beatz, and their 2-year-old son, Egypt—also talks about being unprepared for Hurricane Sandy. After scrounging through the cupboards, scrambling to find something to eat that didn’t require cooking, she shares: “…After the third or fourth tuna fish sandwich, and after we learned we’d be without power for a week, I called my mother, who lives Uptown. She was okay and hadn’t lost any power, so we ended up going to her house. We were pretty lucky…”

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