In spite of Harold Camping’s failed doomsday prophecy claiming the world was ending last Saturday, for many of us, life as we know it did end at 5 PM on May 25, 2011. That’s the moment Oprah Winfrey, the queen of daytime, bade farewell to her viewers, retiring from her daily talk show after 25 years.

This is one of those not-to-be-missed historical moments where you remember years later where you were when Lady O made her TV swan song.

These moments with my friends are the moments that I live for, the ones that I wrote about last week that nourish my soul. You invariably attract what your soul wants. I wanted an intimate, like-minded moment with friends to watch this event somewhere. That somewhere ended up being right in my living room, as Bevy suggested we watch The Event at my house.

So, Wednesday afternoon Angelique, Bevy, Erika, Woady, CJ and I settled in with some snacks, champagne and Lady O’s favorite drink, the Moscow Mule, to get down to business with The Finale.

We each had our Aha Finale moments, you know those quotes that really resonated with each of us. My soul was on fire when I, like 13 million others, felt Oprah speaking directly to me. “Nobody but you is responsible for your life. You are responsible for your life, don’t wait for somebody to save you.” Oprah was preaching accountability, making it happen, finding happiness along the way by listening to God and resonating good energy.

Oprah reminded us that we are responsible for the energy we create for ourselves, and we’re responsible for the energy that we bring to others. It is incumbent to each one of us to create a harmonious, drama-free space in and around us and shine that light onto others; sort of the modern equivalent of “don’t start none, won’t be none.”

As I sat in my living room with good food and good friends sharing this intimate moment, I remembered my life in Los Angeles and everything it wasn’t at that time. I remembered meditating and creating this space that was, not so ironically, everything I was experiencing that very moment. I sat, giving thanks to God for manifesting exactly what I had envisioned. The vision was this life, this very moment that I am living now, back in New York City, living my best life, and sharing it surrounded by good friends.

I know first-hand how God works in our lives. I also know first-hand how important it is to stay your course, believe in yourself and trust the process that is God allowing our dreams to unfold, however long and difficult that may seem.

I remember getting a divorce directly after law school, without a job as I decided to move back to Los Angeles last-minute. I didn’t know how I was going to make it without a job, but God showed up and more than provided, as I landed a job as a litigator right after I passed the bar.

I remembered manifesting my move back to New York City, transporting my clients and practice back east and trusting God to provide. For 10 years prior, I’d run a successful law firm in Los Angeles, but I was recruited by a nationwide law firm in what otherwise should have (and could have) been my dream job.

I relocated to New York to become a Partner in Dreier LLP’s Media Department and Chair of the Film and TV Department, only to have the rug yanked out from under me when, 11 months to the day that I joined the firm, the owner and only equity partner was indicted on charges of embezzling a cool $400 million!

I watched as everyone else scurried to hire lawyers and find a new gig. I stood firm in my truth that I (and none of the other non-equity partners) had any knowledge, culpability or responsibility for one sick man’s drive for money and power. I had God, the truth and an ironclad contract that protected me, so I went about the business of working and working out my next move. I knew that the firm’s collapse wasn’t an end, but another beginning. I called my clients, gathered my files and negotiated with the trustee for the right to stay in the building until I could relaunch my own firm. That, like most everything else in my life, ultimately unfolded with ease and grace, albeit with a few bumps along the way.

Oprah’s Finale wasn’t so much as a lesson, but served as reminders of truth, empowerment, trusting in God and listening to spirit speak to you. We may not always know what our next move is, but we must stand in truth and faith knowing that at every moment God provides. As the night went on, and as summer officially began for us, I remembered to silently thank God for where I am right now and where I am going, wherever that is. Just be still and know and always remember, To God be the Glory!

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