Allegheny County ACORN workers are in hot water. Pittsburg District Attorney Stephan Zappala, Jr. admitted that there is an ongoing investigation into whether or not seven ACORN workers from the area falsified voter registration cards to meet the group’s quota from last year’s election, according to the Associated Press.

Six suspects allegedly forged 51 voter registration cards for money and in order to meet the 20 registrations per day quota, which has a felony charge that can be up to seven years if convicted. The one other suspect is accused of filling out at least 100 voter registration cards using his own name, which carried a misdemeanor charge.

Many of the suspects contend that it was ACORN who pressured them into providing false information on the cards. ACORN registered 38,000 new voters in southwestern Pennsylvania alone, including about 33,600 in the county last year.

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A spokesman for ACORN says the group doesn’t use quotas for voter registration.-WLW