About That ‘Being Mary Jane’ Scene: Are You Tired of Dating ‘Busters’?

Last night’s two-hour season premiere of Being Mary Jane was juicy!

Packed from start-to-finish with punches, confrontations, betrayals and blackmail, we’re positive there wasn’t a moment you didn’t cover over coffee with your co-workers first thing this morning. At the center of all the drama was Mary Jane’s heartbreak. Her world has come crashing down now that she’s discovered that her ex, David, who she still one day hoped would become her husband, has been intimate with her best friend Lisa for years.

Filled with rage and heavy with heartache, Mary Jane attempts to process this double betrayal and repair her heart while simultaneously healing her body and fighting for her job after a horrific car crash has left her home in bed. Mary Jane is angry and hurt, but perhaps what’s most unsettling is the clear internal conflict she feels over whether or not she can truly ever really let David go.

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When MJ’s little brother Paul stops by her home to check on her, he really only has one question on his mind—why can’t she forget about David? Paul isn’t a fan of her ex, but MJ explains that it’s because David is a “good guy”—the kind you want to marry and have kids with!—and starting over and trying to find another guy like him might just be “too much” for her to take on at her age. Remember, these feelings have come on after David has already moved on with another woman and Mary Jane has discovered that he once had an affair with her soon-to-be ex best friend. And, that learning about that very betrayal is what caused her to wreck her car and sustain possibly career-ending injuries to her face. Oh the drama!

Now, single ladies, I know what you’re thinking right about now: How can MJ still cry over a man who chose to cheat with her closest friend and never come clean about it? Nobody has time for that mess! But, if you’re really being honest, you’re also thinking about just how hard it can really be to find another “good guy” you have history and chemistry with who also loves you back. The answer, according to Paul, is simple: Avoid dating “busters,” because clealry David is one. Paul explains that David fits the bill because he may have everything MJ is looking for, but he lacks heart and courage, making him too much of a coward to fight for her or show up for her when it counts.

Let’s be honest, Paul has a point. No matter how good a guy looks on paper and how clearly you can see your future wedding day, if he’s not willing to love you and fight for you even when you’re not sure you want him to, can he ever really be the man you need? Is a “good guy” who lacks the valor to fight for the love of a strong woman really any good at all?