Newsweek magazine has taken a close look at the hairstyle (or the lack thereof, as writer Alison Samuels would argue) of celebrity “off-spring,” Zahara Jolie-Pitt. In the article, “Zahara Jolie-Pitt and the Politics of Uncombed Hair, Samuels argues, “photos of Zahara show the 4-year-old girl sporting hair that is wild and unstyled, uncombed and dry. Basically: a hot mess.”

She continues: “Having well-managed hair is not just about style, it’s about pride, dignity, and self-respect. Keeping your daughter’s hair neat is an unspoken rule of parental duties that everyone in the community recognizes and respects.”

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Other than being dead wrong for going “in” on a toddler, does Samuels’ have a point? Is Zahara’s hair in desperate need of some oils and a comb or is her natural free-for- all just fine?