Want to please your partner? Look beyond the bedroom (well, most of the time). We asked several brothers what sort of attention they’d love from the lady in their lives. Their answers may surprise you:

1. “Be more spontaneous. Just flow.” —Warren, 31, Bowie, Maryland

2. “Invite me for a drink after work. Show up dressed to turn heads. Flirt as if we’ve just met. Then join me for an intimate dinner. Next: a hotel hideaway lit with candles.” —Dennis, 48, San Francisco

3. “Love me without losing yourself.” —Anaj, 32, Washington, D.C.

4. “Tell me what you need. My name ain’t Miss Cleo and I ain’t a mind reader.” —Michael, 36, Poughkeepsie, New York

5. “Know that when I say I love you, I mean it. I love you big. I love you small. Just don’t change who you are on the inside.” —Shamar, 27, Greenbelt, Maryland

6. “Just listen to me.” —Don, 40, Los Angeles

7. “Can a brother get some oral sex in his life?” —Trevor, 28, Orlando, Florida

8. “I’d love a little praise for everyday contributions and achievements, for being steady.” —Mark, 44, Mount Holly, New Jersey

9. “Allow me to spend quality time with my kids, in my way.” —Mohamed, 31, Cincinnati

Some names have been changed.

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