9 Most Outrageous Beauty Treatments of 2015

This year you may have considered trying one of a myriad of crazy beauty treatments that promised to reveal gorgeous, glowing, more youthful skin or—in some cases— coveted body curves. We’ve rounded up the craziest beauty trends of 2015. See if your next beauty obsession is listed below.

1. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or the Vampire Facial

This year’s hottest anti-wrinkle treatment involved a little more blood than your usual facial. Patients will have their blood drawn and later have their platelet-rich plasma injected back into their face to stimulate the production of collagen and reveal smoother, brighter skin.

2. Million Dollar Mani

Orange county housewives enjoyed a manicure that should have come with insurance. If you had $25,000 to blow on a diamond clad manicure, you would be certain to have the most expensive, most coveted manicure in you crew.

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3. The “24-Hour Boob Job”

Cinderella breast Augmentation has been a little known red carpet secret for a some time now. If you need to go up a cup a size for 24 hours for a special event or a maybe to fill out bathing suit a little better, you can make an appointment for a harmless 30 minute procedure that will boost your cup size by a cup and a half and dissolve 24 hours later.

4. Breast Milk Soap

Women in china and across the US began creating breast milk soap using their own milk claiming that it made their skin softer, smoother and brighter. However, doctors disagree contending that while breast milk is packed with nutrients, they are destroyed in the soap making process. Buying breast milk could also be hazardous if the source is unclean.

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5. Sperm Facial

Semen facial re-appear on our radar every few years. Women this year were claiming that smearing the sticky substance on their faces gave them clearer, brighter complexions. We aren’t fans of the trend and neither are doctors, as relying on semen from the wrong source could lead to health problems down the road. Besides, a simple egg white mask can be just as useful without the risk.

6. Temporary Freckles

If you your face isn’t peppered with cute little spots across your cheeks and the bridge of your nose, you can always stencil them on. If the idea of temporary face tattoos doesn’t appeal to you, then you can paint them on yourself using your favorite brown eyeliner or get crafty and use rhinestones as we saw at the Tracy Reese SS16 collection.

7. Cryotherapy

Women were willing to freeze themselves for better skin this year as they tested Cryotherapy and exposed their bodies to Arctic temperatures—think: -200 degrees Fahrenheit—for three minutes. The shockingly cold temps boost energy, relieve muscle and joint aches and improve their skin.

8. Bird Poo Facial

Geisha beauty had a moment as A-list celebrities tried out reducing bags under their eyes and lightening sunspots and pigmentation by spearing a rare nightingale excrement on their faces. The treatment comes with a hefty price tag, but according to users, the results are worth the splurge.  

9. Facial Using Baby Foreskin

The Hyrdafacial gained popularity this year, which treats wrinkles, acne and hyperpigmentation with the usual Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids and an additional unconventional ingredient— baby foreskin. As gross as it may sound, the facial yields gorgeous results that last for two weeks and because the foreskin is in microscopic pieces, you won’t even notice what going on your skin.