Nine Albums That Could Be Movies

Ne-Yo, “Libra Scale”

Are you ready for our live chat tonight with R&B crooner Ne-Yo? His latest LP, “Libra Scale,” is set for release in September, and this won’t be your typical R&B album. Ne-Yo has confirmed that this album he holds dear to his heart primarily because of how unique the creative process has been for him. “I did something a little different with the album this time around. I wrote a short story and all the songs on the album are inspired by this short story,” he said. “The videos will tell the story so when you see the first video it’ll make perfect sense.” Essentially, the album is a screenplay for a movie in his head. Ne-Yo may be onto something — there are few albums we could think of that would translate from the iPod to the big screen. Here’s’s picks for the top 10 albums we would love to see turned into films. Check the story lines and see how these albums would transform.

Kanye West, “The College Dropout”

10. Movie Title: The College Dropout Director: Kanye West Year: 2004 Genre: Comedy Plot: A young man who was told all his life that college was the answer and the key to success, drops outs to pursue a musical career with two of his friends. While still attending the university, the student balances dealing with drug abuse, naive girls, and sex all while trying to figure out if the best choice for him is to leave higher education for the risk of achieving stardom. Will keep you laughing for beginning to end. Rated: R

Destiny’s Child, “Destiny Fulfilled”

9. Movie Title: Destiny Fulfilled Directors: Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams Year: 2004 Genre: Chick Flick Plot: Three extremely close best friends who grew up in the same town leave for college and reunite after ten years. As they sit down to catch up, they relive some of their craziest moments in life and love, and rediscover how deep their friendship still is.Rated: PG-13

Marvin Gaye, “Here, My Dear”

8. Movie Title: Here, My Dear Director: Marvin Gaye Year: 1978 Genre: Drama Plot: No one said marriage is easy. For this estranged husband and wife, the relationship is far from being repaired. The husband is now carrying on an open relationship with a co-worker and is fathering her second child, before his current wife finally agrees to a divorce. As retribution, his wife takes him to court, and the husband creates a plan to avoid paying his soon-to-be ex wife anything. The plan backfires, and the plot thickens. Rated: PG-13

Jay-Z, “Reasonable Doubt”

7. Movie Title: Reasonable Doubt Director: Jay-Z Year:Genre: Crime, Thriller Plot: Gritty and horrifyingly real account of a Black male youth forced to live a life of crime. Obsessed with material possessions and the fast life, the young man knows only one way to survive on the mean streets: hustle. While the movie explores the darker side of ghetto life, the message of bad behavior gets in the way of making money is apparent throughout. Captivating from beginning to end. Rated: R

Janet Jackson, “The Velvet Rope”

6. Movie Title: The Velvet Rope Director: Janet Jackson Year: 1997 Genre: Erotic, Social Criticism Plot: Nothing is off-limits for this middle-aged woman struggling with bouts of depressions. As she takes a look into her mind and heart she is ready and able to release all of the frustrations within. Taboo issues are explored, until she is able to remove the metaphorical velvet rope within every human being which keeps their true feelings separated from those around them. Rated: NC-17

The Notorious B.I.G., “Ready to Die”

5. Movie Title: Ready to Die Director: Notorious B.I.G Year: 1994 Genre: Gangster, Suspense, Action Plot: This foreboding gangster film will keep you on the edge of your seat with its twists and turns on the streets of New York. Drug dealer/rapper deals with the duality of trying to lead two different lives just to be successful and provide for his family. Filled with violence, drug dealing, women, alcohol and marijuana use. This film is glimpse into the difficulties that stand for a hardcore Black man balancing life’s highs and lows. Rated: R

Mary J. Blige, “My Life”

3. Movie Title: My Life Director: Mary J. Blige Year: 1994 Genre: Chick Flick Plot: Nothing is more compelling than the story of a woman who takes her love and life to the limit. The emphatic tale of a woman who has lived a life of joy and pain, and portrays the struggles she has known which includes men and mayhem. Rated: PG-13

Usher, “Confessions”

2. Movie Title: Confessions Director: Usher Year: 2004 Genre: Drama Plot: When a man decides to open up Pandora’s box and tell the truth, his world shatters. From illegitimate children to cheating, he proves it is sometimes best to leave some things unsaid. Rated: R

Lauryn Hill, “The Miseducation of…”

1. Movie Title: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Director: Lauryn Hill Year: 1998 Genre: Coming of Age Tale Plot: The story of a young girl who goes through one of the deepest journeys to understand love in all of its many forms while maturing from girl to young woman through a series of peaks and valleys. The character struggles with fame, the decision to keep her first child, and an earth-shattering break up with a love that hurt so bad it felt good. Rated: PG-13