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9 Facebook Buttons Black Women Would Enjoy

Now that Facebook has announced plans to create a “dislike” button to express empathy, we can’t help thinking about all the other emotions we want to express daily.
9 Facebook Buttons Black Women Would Enjoy
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Raise your hand if you’ve ever hesitated to click the “like” button on Facebook, because, well, it just didn’t feel like the appropriate response.

Yup, us too. It’s a little awkward, right?

Well, Facebook understands, and yesterday they announced plans to create something similar to a “dislike” button to allow users to express empathy when someone shares sad news like a death in the family or a health concern.

Since Facebook is finally open to more buttons, we thought about all the other emotions that should be just a click away. Facebook, can we add these to the list too, please?

“Right On!”
When a friend has stepped onto their digital podium and said everything you wanted to—and some!— and you want to emphatically cosign.

“I Stand With You”
When you want your brothers and sisters to know that you feel their pain and you have their backs.

We’re tired of using, like, a million different Emojis to express this extreme level of appreciation and admiration for one’s taste in fashion, beauty and/or lifestyle.

“Curl Crush”
For those times you want to tell your natural hair crush she looks fly (again!) without disrupting the comment flow.

“Go best friend!”
Why? Because nothing makes you more proud than seeing your besties slaying life.

“I can’t.”
A button for the moment when the news is just too sad, too unbelievable or to over-the-top for your tastes.

For the moment someone shares a meme that’s so hilariously real you laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe.

When a simple cosign is all that’s necessary.

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