86-Year-Old Woman Did Not Come To Play, Claps Back At Thief Who Stole Her Purse

Thieves better think twice before messing with 86-year-old Bernice Starnes because she is not the one!

After wheelchair-bound Starnes had her purse stolen, she clapped back at the thief while being interviewed by PIX 11 reporter Ayana Harris.

“She wanted to hurt me,” she said, “and b—h don’t even know me.”

According to reports, Starnes was outside of her apartment when a woman snatched her purse. The theft was caught on a nearby surveillance camera. The thief took the money and bank card inside the bag before tossing it. 

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“I couldn’t catch her. I wanted to catch her and beat the s–t out of her,” Starnes said.

The suspect, Adrianne Terry, was arrested Tuesday and charged with petit larceny and grand larceny. When questioned by Harris about the theft, Starnes went beast mode.

“I hope that they beat her ass. Some of the women in prison beat her ass everyday for as long as she’s in there,” she said. When asked if she was being a bit harsh, Starnes exclaimed, “So what?! What she did to me was even worse, I’m supposed to feel sorry for that b—h. I don’t!”
Starnes says she hopes the thief stays in jail for the rest of her life and plans to attend Terry’s arraignment. The 86 year old says that, for now, she hopes to relax, go on vacation, or a cruise to get past the horrible incident.

Following the theft, police pooled together money for Starnes, who couldn’t help shedding a few tears when she received it.

Let this be a lesson to thieves everywhere, Bernice Starnes is not here to play.