7-year-old Morgan Taylor is getting a head start on making a difference in the world.

After engaging her father in a conversation about why only white women could be princesses and learning from her dad that any girl could be a princess, Morgan decided to share the news with other young girls like her in the form of her very first book. The book, appropriately titled Daddy’s Little Princess, was written by Morgan when she was just 6-years-old and with the help of her father, she was able to have it published by the time she turned 7. 

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Proudly embodying her motto of “Rock Your Crown,” Morgan says she hopes the book will help other young girls of color build their self confidence and embrace who they are. ““Every little girl should believe she’s a princess,” she told WFMY2 News. The book introduces readers to real-life princesses and queens of color from around the world and was co-written by Morgan’s father Charles Taylor.

Daddy’s Little Princess is currently available for purchase on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and via the family website here.

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