Do you really know the truth about men? This might sound like a rhetorical question, but it is one that needs to be seriously considered before answering, “Of course I do.”  The refrain of “I just can’t find a man,” is all too familiar across all socio-economic strata. Whether a woman is a senior executive at a Fortune 500 company or a high school dropout, they are bound by what they perceive as the difficulty in finding Mr. Right. But another common thread that binds many women is that despite their best efforts, they still don’t understand what their man is saying or not saying or why he’s behaving in a certain manner.

Men are not the greatest communicators. And while we like to be perceived as tough and in control, the truth of the matter is that we are often too uncomfortable, embarrassed or insecure to broach subjects that are important in our relationships. Men will get together in a locker room or at a bar and have intense conversations about women, relationships and marriages, but when it comes to bringing up some of these issues with their significant others, we clam up and go silent. In my new book, <i>The Truth About Men</i>, I tackle many of these issues that are thought, but not spoken. Here are seven things your man wants you to know, but won’t tell you.