It’s not a new phenomenon but it’s certainly becoming more prevalent, especially in the age of social media. From situationships and random hookups, to the relationship you thought would be the “one,” ghosting is happening to women all around the world. And while we may not be able to tell you why the “one” disappeared, we can tell you you’ll survive. Trust us.
Here are the seven stages of being ghosted because hey, we’ve all been there.

1. Sending the Double Text

Don’t be afraid to admit it, because we’ve all done it. You and your guy are having great conversation and then, all of a sudden, it’s as if the line has gone dead. You wait a few days, text him a friendly reminder that you still exist and your phone is dryer than the Sahara Desert. It’s official. You’ve been ghosted.


2. Ghosting Realized

You can’t believe it. Could it be that some guy is actually ghosting you, of all people?! It appears so and now you’re scathing mad. You’ve spent weeks getting to know each other, you even talked about plans for the future, hopes and dreams, goals and fears. All of that, only for him to drop you like you’re a bad habit without saying a word. Oh no, that just won’t do!


3. Coping Mechanisms

In a break from all your anger, you realize something—you were actually starting to fall for this guy. He was nice and sweet and funny and you even let your guard down and gave him some. You thought he felt the same and yet here are you, on a Friday night, drinking a glass of wine (or two), eating a pint of ice cream while reciting all the lines to Brown Sugar with tears running down your face. 


25 Songs To Get You Through Your Breakup

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4. Bring in the Reinforcements

You’re finally ready to talk about the heartbreaking ordeal, so you call on the ones you love most—your girls. You rally the troops for a night in. It’s a great distraction and a guaranteed good time. You give yourself the reassuring pep rally that he wasn’t the one, saying to yourself, “Mr. Right is out there waiting.”


5. Unexpected Reminders

Uh oh, a song just came on the your Spotify and it’s the one song you’ve been avoiding. It’s the one that reminds you of him. You try your damnedest to keep it together, but you suddenly lose it like a baby needing a bottle. It’s just one of those days. You miss him and that’s ok.


6. Treat Yourself

The momentary crying spell is over—you’ve made it through and now you deserve a special little something. Whether you buy those sunglasses you’ve had your eye on, pick up a pair of shoes you’ve been dying to strut in or plan the trip you’ve always wanted to take, you deserve to treat yourself. It’s time for a little retail therapy—you’ve earned it.


7. Walk of No Shame

It’s just another day and you’ve finally found your peace. You’re walking down the aisle of the grocery store and there he is with someone else. The two of you momentarily lock eyes and he starts fumbling like a fish out of water. You, on the other hand, completely keep your cool. You’ve cried about him, emotionally eaten over him, cursed his name, shed a few more tears, prayed and let that man go. You walk by, say hello and keep it moving because you’ve mastered the art of being ghosted and moving on.

It’s official. You’ve survived.