Aveda’s new Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil, $27, comes with a set of pretty explicit instructions: “Towel dry hair and part in half. Emulsify 1 drop of Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil in your hands and comb your fingers from mid length to ends through half of your hair. Repeat for second half.” One Drop? That sounded a little stingy given my super thick, yet very fine hair. But the first day I used dry remedy (a wash day), I stuck to the instructions. One drop each for two sections of hair. I styled as usual and didn’t notice a change in the result—except for the oil’s energizing scent that was left on my hair.

Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil is 99.9% naturally derived, which means no silicones. A great thing for natural hair. Silicones are great at slicking down a hair cuticle and keeping straight styles frizz free. But for parched curls, silicon-based “oils” are more Band-Aid than cure. Dry Remedy on the other hand is formulated mostly with buriti oil, an ingredient harvested from the fruit of the Moriche Palm in Brazil. It’s said to actually penetrate the cuticle to deeply moisturize hair from the inside. Day Three of my Dry Remedy road test seemed to support his hydration theory. The ends of my hair a little crunchy. Damaged and dry, they’re the final dregs of a lovely color job I got almost two years ago. Right before bed on day three, I upped my dosage of the oil to about a 10 drops and focused on my ends. The next morning I woke up with noticeably softer curls. So of course for the next few days, I repeated this nightly ritual. The tiny bottle doesn’t have a dropper so I’d shake, shake, shake it until about a dozen drops gleamed on my hands, then I’d rub throughout my strands. By Day Seven, my hair actually felt less parched. My curls were a little shinier and had less frizz. I’m not disciplined enough to keep up with my nightly routine, but for those of you who are, I think the results might be worth the shakes.