51 Black Lives Matters Activists Arrested While Protesting Minneapolis Police Shooting
AP Photo/Jim Mone

More than 50 Minneapolis activists are in police custody after protesting the Sunday police shooting of 24-year-old Jamar Clark

USA TODAY reports that Clark, who was a suspect in a domestic dispute, was involved in an altercation with police after he allegedly began interfering with paramedics on the scene. Details of the scuffle have not emerged, but witnesses say that Clark was restrained and in handcuffs when police shot him in the head. The two officers involved were not wearing body cams, and the department is refusing to turn over any dash cam footage citing a pending investigation. 

Black Lives Matter Activists Demand Answers in Shooting of Jamar Clark

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Clark passed away Monday evening.

On Monday night, hundreds of Black Lives Matter protestors gathered on a Minneapolis highway, blocking traffic. The demonstrators reportedly ignored police requests to disperse, and one protestors allegedly punched an officer. Police made 51 arrests in total—43 adults and 8 juveniles—and they were all charged with unlawful assembly and pedestrian on freeway.

“I hate that this is going on right now,” local activist KG Wilson said to USA TODAY. “My heart is so crushed. I have not stopped crying. I think everything is being gone about in the wrong way…Peace is always the way. You can’t bring peace with aggression.”