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50 Cent: Kelly Rowland’s ‘The Most Underrated’

Rapper 50 Cents says Kelly Rowland's success is "so due".
It looks like Kelly Rowland has big fans in high places. Rap star 50 cent recently dubbed her “the most underrated female soloist in the game” during an MTV News interview.

“I’m so happy Kelly got that hit record,” says 50. “She’s due. She’s so due…It’s finally time for her and I’m so excited about it.”

We agree, and so do the “Motivation” singer’s fans who helped the single catapult to number one in May and continue to create massive buzz about her upcoming album ‘Here I Am’, in stores July 26th. Fiddy, who once tapped Kelly to star in a video, says the single isn’t her first big success, America just missed out.

“She made hit records before that [her fans] don’t know about because they were hits internationally,” 50 goes on to say. “They weren’t that big here in the U.S. but they meant a lot when I was traveling. That’s why when it came time to do ‘A Baby By Me’ I wanted her to be in the video because she was smoking hot everywhere else that my record had to be hot at.”

Kelly’s new album will mix her R&B roots with her latest dance vibes. We’re hoping her record sells will finally reflect the support she receives in the industry. Her fan base is rock solid. In two weeks, let’s show Kelly some long-overdue love, people!