In the new NBC drama “Undercovers,” Gubu Mbathwa-Raw and Boris Kodjoe play Steven and Samantha Bloom, two former CIA agents who fall in love on the job and leave the agency for a chance at a regular life. The two open a catering business, but get pulled back into the spy life. Aside from kicking butt and speaking in different languages, the Blooms deal with the stresses and joys of working together. In real life, working with your significant other — whether it be at your own catering business or the office job where you met — can suck a lot of the romance out of your relationship. It doesn’t have to be that way. We thought of a few easy ways to keep your relationship sexy even when you work together. Dress the part Just because your man sees what you have on every day, doesn’t mean that you can’t surprise him with what’s underneath your clothes. Slip on sexy bra and panty set. Or go all out with a racy garter belt and thigh-highs. When you have some alone time with your guy, flash him a slight glimpse of what you’re working with. You’ll both be ready to get it on at quitting time. Take a break If you live together, work together and go out together, chances are you can feel disenchanted about each other at times. Create a space at work that’s separate from your guy so you feel like you have your own thing going on and so does he. Also, try to take your lunch break at a different time from his. Time spent apart will up the intrigue on both parts. It’s nice to keep ’em guessing. Wig-out If you work somewhere where you can have a little fun with your look, change things up every once in a while. Try out an outfit that your sweetheart would never expect you to wear and tuck your hair up under a fabulous new wig. All day long he’ll be pretending that you’re the sexy new department head. Incidentally, he’ll be working overtime for a promotion. Steal a kiss Scope out your workplace for your favorite nook where you can get some alone time. Make a deal with your guy to meet at your special spot every day at a specific time for a smooch break. It’ll be like playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, but for grown-ups. Get touchy When you talk to your guy at work, try to get in a few gentle and subtle strokes on the arm or shoulder. Touch is one of the best ways to show affection. It also reminds you both that you care for each other despite being stressed out and edgy at work. Most likely something as simple as a pat on the back from your sweetie can relieve that stress. For an exciting peek inside “Undercovers” click here.