5 Types of Flirts

What His Flirting Style Says About Him

EEver wonder why that guy who was all over you at the bar last Saturday night hasn’t called or whether the man you just gave your number to wants to get to know you or just wants to get some? Pay attention to his flirting style, University of Kansas professor Jeffrey Hall, PhD, told Yahoo Shine! says. Hall identified a list of five flirts and explained what you can tell about them. See if you’ve ever run into one of these guys.

The Playful Flirt

The playful flirt lays it on really thick. You are so sure that you’ve got this one in the bag. Then he disappears as quickly as you can snap you’re finger. What he’s all about: He’s a professional flirt. He hits on every woman and takes no woman seriously.

The Physical Flirt

The physical flirt has body language for the whole bar. He can read your moves like his favorite novel and can twist a “Hey, how you doin?” into a “Hey, let’s get out of here,” with ease. What he’s all about: He wants to get into your pants, girl, not your heart. Chances are he’ll go in for a kiss before the night is through.

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The Sincere Flirt

The sincere flirt won’t push himself on you. He likes to talk and wants to find out more about you and what you’re into. Since he doesn’t make a move, you may think he just wants to be friends. What he’s all about: That man does not want to be your friend. He wants to make sure he has a connection with you because he might want to wife you.

The Traditional Flirt

The traditional flirt is quick to order you a drink, walk on the street-side of the sidewalk and open the door for you. Depending on the type of woman you are, you’ll either find this condescending or extremely flattering. He also moves really slowly, so don’t expect him to go in for a first kiss on the first date. What he’s all about: He really likes you and wants to get to know you better. If he goes in for the smooch, he thinks you’re the one for him.

The Polite Flirt

Don’t expect to meet the polite flirt as soon as you walk into the bar. By the time he approaches you, he’s probably been watching you for a while. If he seems a little awkward it’s because he hates the whole singles scene and is probably a little embarrassed by hitting on you at a bar. What he’s all about: He wouldn’t be talking to you if he didn’t think you were the girl of his dreams. Find out more about these flirts on Yahoo Shine!