5 Things In Leomie Anderson’s ‘Black Model Survival Kit’
Leomie Anderson Instagram

Curious about what it takes to be a top model aside from having legs for days and a killer walk? Well, the requirements are a little different for Black models aspiring to enter the world of high fashion. Supermodel and Victoria Secret model, Leomie Anderson never shy’s away from voicing her take on the Black model struggle. After countless runway shows and editorial campaigns, Anderson finally has modeling down to a science. On her personal blog, Cracked China Cup, Anderson often writes and films the happenings in her life as well as the Black model struggle. In the latest episode of Cracked China Cup, Leomie fills us in on what she takes with her to every show. Find out what’s in her Black Model Survival Kit!

1. MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette in Medium/Deep ($40, maccosmetics.com)

“Use the orange shade on the areas of your face that look really dark and cover it with your concealer/foundation and keep blending. It will warm up your face a lot and when you see…pictures your won’t have [the darkness.]”

2. Luster’s Pink Holding Spray ($10.99, walmart.com)

“I always asks stylists ‘is it possible for you to use my hairspray instead of yours?’ It’s easy to brush out, it’s gentle on black hair and I actually does it’s job as well.”

3. L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraodinary Hair Oil ($17.14, beautytheshop.com)

“When [fashion shows] want a wet hair look, they often rely on gel to create the look in white/Caucasian hair…I don’t put gel in my hair… I use L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil; it’s great for your hair and give the shine that they want and your hair won’t be [ruined] with gel.” To achieve the wet look, Anderson uses copious amounts of L’Oréal Extraordinary Hair Oil in her tresses (extentions too). No gel needed.

3. Clip-In Hair Extensions (Price varies, at sallybeauty.com)

“If you can’t brink clip-in’s please do. There have been a couple of shows where the hairdressers haven’t had extensions or they won’t have your color and then they ask ‘can we glue extensions in?’ There are so many scenarios that could’ve been prevented if they just brought their own clip-ins’.'”

4. Nubian Skin Nude Thong ($16, at nordstrom.com)

“My favorite underwear for dark skin tones [Nubian Skin Lingerie]. You can order their stuff online. If you’re in America, they’re available in Nordstrom now.'”

5. ORS Olive Oil Edge Control Edge Control ($4, at drugstores)

Anderson uses edge control in place of gel to tame her hair when hairstylists attempt to style her hair.

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