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5 reasons why James T. Harris believes Blacks should vote for McCain

A conservative point of view

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It’s no surprise that James T. Harris-the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, radio host better known as “that Black guy who begged John McCain to attack Barack Obama”-is voting for the Republican ticket on November 4. But amid his staunch criticism of Obama, Harris hasn’t made much of a case for McCain. Here the controversial conservative makes his last-ditch effort to convince Black voters to go with “the Maverick.”

1. Abortion

I think that the abortion issue is very important and African-Americans are shown to be aborting at an alarming rate. I don’t understand how someone could vote for a candidate like Barack Obama, who not only supports abortion but also partial-birth abortion. I am for John McCain because he is unequivocally pro-life, even in cases of rape and incest. I’m from a religious community that believes God is pro-life. Americans of African descent should look closer at why we’ve opted out of that belief just because of the ethnicity of the candidate.

2. Foreign Policy

When Russia made its move against Georgia last August, John McCain called on NATO, the United Nations, and the United States. There were procedures that needed to be initiated, and he was calling for those to begin. When I saw Barack Obama’s initial response, calling for the end of hostilities on both sides, it chilled me. I thought, This man doesn’t know what’s going on. For him to call for both sides to sit down and talk was beyond weak; it was dangerous. Georgia is a democracy and was aligned with the United States-when they were attacked, it was our responsibility and our pledge to stand with them.

3. Sarah Palin

I’m excited for John McCain mostly because of Sarah Palin. She started out in the PTA, worked her way up through local government, and eventually ran for governor of Alaska and won. She cleaned up corruption, saw oil as a vital resource for the nation, and she has more executive experience than anybody on either ticket. She is a common, regular person. She is not from the Ivy League. She is not a lawyer. She’s someone who has risen through the ranks outside of how Washington says you’re supposed to do it. The mainstream media and the elitists don’t like her because she is not one of them. She brings something that was missing on both sides of the aisle, and that is authenticity.

4. The Tax Rate

John McCain has pledged to keep the Bush tax cut permanent, instead of letting it expire in 2010. I’m talking about cutting the corporate tax, the income tax and the capital gains tax. As we’re heading into another Great Depression, this is not a time when we should be raising taxes. I believe that socialistic policies, like Barack Obama’s, raise taxes and extend the depression. We should let the American people decide what to do with their money-individuals are far better equipped to know how to spend it than the government.

5. America’s International Reputation

We are in a war, and our enemies are serious. John McCain is feared by our enemies. Barack Obama is liked by our enemies. Joe Biden himself said that within the first six months of an Obama presidency, he would be tested. He’s going to be tested because our enemies don’t respect or fear him. They didn’t fear George W. Bush either, but they do now. So when you see Europe, the Middle East and Hamas all supporting Barack Obama, that is alarming. McCain, on the other hand, has already proven his mettle. John McCain has been through more than Barack Obama can imagine, and he’s not going to let American get rolled-not on his watch.

James T. Harris is the host of his own radio talk show on Milwaukee’s No.1-rated talk radio station, 620 AM – WTMJ. “The National Conversation with James T. Harris” airs every weekend.