Tia Mowry has a lot of “firsts” to be proud of.

Two months ago, she and husband Cory Hardict welcomed their first child. The happy new mom is currently writing her first book on the journeys of motherhood, and last Monday, her new reality show “Tia and Tamera” (which she produces and stars in with twin sister Tamera) debuted with nearly 1.5 million viewers, making it the most watched series premiere EVER for Style network.

This isn’t the first time Tia helped a show break records. She had the same luck when the highly anticipated fourth season of “The Game” aired on BET with 7.7 million viewers. It became the #1 ranked sitcom ever in cable history.

Apparently, there’s no slowing down this 32-year-old actress. When her fans show up, they show out!

Read on to find out how she’s able to manage motherhood and work, what makes her fans so loyal and why “Tia and Tamera” is different from other realty shows out right now.

ESSENCE.com: Have you found a strategy, if there is one, to balancing being a mom and working?
Tia Mowry: [laughs] Yeah, just learning to go with everyday changes and making quick adjustments. If you think that things are not going to change, you’ll go crazy. I just learn to go with it. It’s amazing. It’s so much fun. I love taking care of my son. I love being a mom. It is definitely one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.

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ESSENCE.com: This is the first time fans see you and your sister outside of playing a character. What would you say is the difference in your personalities?
Tia: I think with my sister, and I always say this to her, she tends to be very optimistic and sometimes because of that she can be a little naïve, whereas I’m a lot more grounded in reality. I’m also a go-getter. Not saying she’s not, but I’m very aggressive with it. If someone says no, I’m going to make you say yes, whereas my sister is like, okay!

ESSENCE.com: Conflict and drama boost ratings for reality television. Your show is very positive. How do you see this playing out?
Tia: It was hard to sell this show at first because Tamera and I are positive people. A lot of people would ask, ‘Where’s the conflict?’ But Tamera and I are not going to change who we are. If you stay true to yourself and continue to believe in yourself, you can get other people to believe in you. That’s the one thing I can take out of this whole “numbers” experience. The fans that watch us are the fans that like us for who we are. From what I heard, a lot of people are saying that it is so refreshing to see something without so much drama.

ESSENCE.com: One thing you mention in the show is that you live a holistic lifestyle. When did you become more conscious of the way you eat?
Tia: My husband is more holistic. So, ever since my husband has come into my life, I’ve adapted his lifestyle. When he met me, I was eating fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans in bacon grease [laughs]. He kind of introduced me to a healthier way of eating.  

Also, I mention this in my book as well, but I had endometriosis, a condition where it’s a lot of inflammation in your ovaries and uterus that can make it difficult for you to have a child. I decided to get extremely healthy with my eating, and I no longer have endometriosis and I have a baby.

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ESSENCE.com: What advice would you give to our readers who are looking to have a healthier way of eating?
Tia: I would say start off slow. That’s what I did. A lot of people tend to cut things cold turkey. When you do that, you tend to go back to your bad habits. Also, the biggest advice is you have to have a friend or family member or someone who wants to go on this journey with you. Because when doing it by yourself, and everyone else around you is eating a certain way, you’re going to want to tap into their eating habits. If you have someone who is willing to join in with you on this healthy approach, do it together.