The second season of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” ended with an unexpected bang — the tussle between Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada. Normally we’d have to wait until season three to see the ladies side-by-side again, but fortunately, we’ve only got to hold our breath for a few days because the “Basketball Wives” reunion special airs on VH1 on March 13.

ESSENCE.com spoke with “Basketball Wives” cast member Tami Roman about her scuffle with Evelyn Lozada on the season finale, whether she’s really perpetually ready to brawl, and what we can expect from the reunion…

ESSENCE.com: On “Basketball Wives” you’ve been painted as an emotional hothead, is that your true character?
You hit the nail on the head by saying “painted.” I’m not saying that the incidents you see aren’t my actions but there were moments before and moments after that are often edited out so people don’t get to see the full story. The editing has upset me.

ESSENCE.com: Were some of the situations exacerbated by alcohol? Do you struggle with drinking?
Oh God no! That’s hilarious! If I were an alcoholic, I could handle my liquor better. That question doesn’t even make sense. I do not drink, which is why those drinks affected me the way they did. I was a smoker but I no longer smoke. I had some drinks during the taping and they were stronger than I thought they were and they didn’t sit well with me.

ESSENCE.com: What happened before you and Evelyn began arguing?
That dinner scene was about four hours long and then I start talking about my feelings for each one of them. That moment goes by and everyone keeps talking, 45 minutes later, I go to the bathroom. And while I’m outside [having a cigarette], Shaunie comes out and says ‘I feel really bad because people aren’t being truthful.’ And I said ‘Who, Evelyn? What, she doesn’t like me?’ and she said ‘Things aren’t exactly what they seem.’ Honestly, I thought Evelyn was going to say that she really didn’t vibe me and everything that’d happened on camera was strictly for the show. So I told Shaunie to get Evelyn and have her tell me herself. Then on the show, you see me having a cigarette and Shaunie inside talking to her but what you missed was her saying ‘Tami wants you to come outside.’

ESSENCE.com: Did you already know that Evelyn slept with your ex-husband Kenny Anderson?
No, I had no idea. According to her, she thought I already knew, but I’m thinking that she’s going to apologize for being fake. I’m not in the habit of being friends with my ex-husband’s mistresses. I was his wife, I’m not going to be cool with the person that was sleeping with him while he was married to me. I was completely taken aback.

ESSENCE.com: Will you and Evelyn come to blows on the “Basketball Wives” Reunion?
I can’t answer that because I don’t want to give anything away! But I think that people will be very surprised by the reunion and what things are divulged and who stands up for themselves.

Here’s a sneak peek at the “Basketball Wives” reunion this Sunday, March 13th.