Kandi Burruss is one reality TV star who has yet to show us she can get down and dirty. In fact, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is the most drama-free of the group. While the other ladies fight about this or that, she’s spent most of season three promoting her album and churning out more hits for her co-stars (and their hairstylists).

As our favorite Sunday-night guilty pleasure comes to a close, Kandi shared her thoughts on the season, why Cynthia and Peter’s relationship is a lot like her’s and AJ’s and whether or not she’ll be coming back next season.

ESSENCE.com: Wow, these past three episodes have caught everybody off-guard. What goes through your mind watching them?
I wish they could show the whole thing because that argument between NeNe and Kim was so much longer than what they showed…We were coming from Orlando to Miami, and however many hours that is, they literally argued that whole time. When I say arguing I mean screaming at the top of their lungs and calling each other names. I have no idea why those two can’t get along.

ESSENCE.com: What are your thoughts on Cynthia and Peter’s wedding?
Honestly, I think Cynthia and Peter were in the same position I was in with AJ last year. I was watching her like, ‘Wow, they don’t understand yet that putting all your business out there means people are going to start nitpicking your relationship.’ That makes it hard to have a relationship when everybody’s nitpicking the wrong things. At the same time I appreciated their honesty, because I feel like a lot of people aren’t honest when they do reality television.

A married couple once told me the things you need in a relationship to make it work are: great communication, great sex and financial stability. I don’t feel like you have to be rich to get married, but you need to at least be stable. Cynthia and Peter were going through a real unstable point. What y’all didn’t see is that she had been crying like that for weeks. She came to the Sip and See crying. My whole thing was they had already been living together so what’s the rush to get married if the money isn’t right?

ESSENCE.com: What have been your favorite moments of the season overall?
My favorite moments are when I watch Phaedra. Some of the things she says are just hilarious. I think the whole season has been filled with funny moments up until the last two episodes, but the rest of the season was pretty good.

ESSENCE.com: The last time we spoke to NeNe she said she may not be returning to the show. How do you feel about that?
I heard she said that. I don’t know because sometimes I feel like that. Sometimes I just don’t know if it’s really worth it for me. I wanted to do another album and the show was good for that, but as far as me being a songwriter and working on other projects, I don’t really think the show makes or breaks whether or not I’m gonna be working for other people.

Honestly, I know people say, bad press is good press, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I’ve been contemplating things myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and it is good business-wise. Say for instance, Lawrence is getting a platform that I wouldn’t have been able to have to showcase him like that. But, sometimes you think is all this drama worth it?

ESSENCE.com: What words would you use to describe this season?
There was a lot of sex talk this season so I have to say, spicy. Funny. Engaging, because some of the stuff going on the show would make you sit home just watching.

More Kandi tidbits:
On working with Kim again: “I’m good on that one. She’s good people but I don’t think we have to work together to be friends.”

On her daughter Riley reuniting with her father: “That was a one day thing. He came and picked her up that one day and she hasn’t seen him since. That’s just the way it’s been, it’s a weird situation.”

On other projects she is working on moving forward: “I have a girl group I’m developing and a reality show that I’m executive producing but I don’t want to say what it’s called until the paper work is signed.”

What was your favorite Kandi moment from season 3?