5 Necessities for a 4th of July Kids Party
LWA/Dann Tardif/Blend Images

The weather is getting warmer and your children are out of school. There’s no better summer kick-off than a 4th of July party. A backyard or local park is a great safe place to celebrate and enjoy the holiday for both adults and children. The Guest List School ended in June and your children must miss their mates. Invite friends from your kid’s class to join the festivities. Your kids won’t be at school over the summer and are bound to meet new friends, if they haven’t already. Inviting friends from the block or new friends from summer camp is great for building new friendships. Of course, you can’t forget the family! Aunts, uncles and your close friends are also perfect chaperons. What’s on the Menu? Most kids have a reasonable palate, which is perfect for your pocket. Spark up the grill for a traditional hassle-free meal of hot dogs or hamburgers with an assortment of fresh veggies. Try a healthy red, white and blue desert with strawberries and blueberries topped with a dash of whipped cream. Affordable, healthy, delicious and quick to make. Decorate your Scene Alleviate some party planning stress by having your kids decorate. Red, white and blue streamers are a classic. They’ll match the festive color coordinated plates, cups and silverware. The kids can also show off their art skills by drawing a banner of stars and stripes. Boogie Down With all the energy kids have, throw in a few CDs and let them dance away. Groove to some of their favorite songs or have them create their own marching band. Both will have the kids cheesing for the camera. Party Favors A kid’s party isn’t a party without those goody bags. Change it up this year by having the kids make their own goodies while you save a ton of money. Skip the bags and just buy a few packs of cheap white t-shirts and red and blue fabric markers. They now have 4th of July apparel and it’s an easy clean-up.