5 Major Ways to Save on Your Next Trip to the Grocery Store
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Keeping your house stocked with groceries is a life necessity but it doesn’t have to break the bank. We all know to utilize coupons and look out for the best prices, but what about those shopping tidbits we overlook? With a little planning and some smart tactics, you can skip out on spending those extra bucks! Check out some ways to save below.

1. Plan ahead: We all know to write a list before heading out to grocery shop but taking stock of what you already have is important too. Jetting out of the house to pick up some things may seem like a time saver but really planning out your trip can save you time and money. 
2. Keep track of receipts: Pay for everything in one place using an app like Walmart Pay and keep track of your receipts easily. Not only will you be able to spot any mistakes, you’ll be able to keep track of how much you spend and budget better.
3. Be wary of “deals”: Just because it says 10 for $10 doesn’t mean you have to buy them all. Too often we get caught up in the idea of scoring a deal without thinking about what you really need. 10 for $10 is a great deal, unless you only need two, then it’s just a waste of money.
4. Bring your own music: Studies show that stores play music with a slower beat to make you move through the aisles at a slower pace. This causes shoppers to buy 29% more. Slick, huh? Move to your own upbeat music and save!
5. Eat Before You Go: It turns out your mother was right when she told you to make sure you ate before shopping. Studies show that things like baked goods and rotisserie chicken that are placed at the front of the store can lead you astray. No time for a meal? Pack a few mints, the strong flavor can ease your hunger while you shop.

Walmart Pay is a new feature built into the Walmart mobile app that allows shoppers to pay for in-store purchases using their smartphone. It’s the new fast, easy, convenient way to shop at Walmart!

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