6 Interesting Quotes from Hillary Clinton’s Interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’
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Yesterday, democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton stopped by The Breakfast Club morning show to be put in the hot seat by hosts Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee. Secretary Clinton’s visit to New York City’s most notorious radio show rounded out a lengthy campaign run in the Big Apple just ahead of today’s NYC primary elections and given the recent stops she’d made in the state previously (which included a surprise appearance at this year’s Black Girls Rock! show), it was a surprising but fitting final stop.

As we’ve all noticed, Hillary has been doing nearly any and everything to secure “the Black vote” and there were a few notable quotes from yesterday’s Breakfast Club interview that made her determination to accurately illustrate why she has the best interests of African-American voters at heart all the more evident.

Here are 6 interesting quotes from Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Interview with The Breakfast Club.

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On how her policies would affect the average person if she were elected President:

“I think that they would be really good for you and for everybody else because what we’re gonna do is build on the progress that we’ve gotten under President Obama. And I really give him a lot of credit for getting things done in the face of unbelievable hostility from Congress. But now we’ve got to go further. So, we’ve got to get more jobs with rising incomes. Most Americans haven’t had a raise in a long time. We have to fix the schools so that every kid, no matter where that kid lives, gets a good education. That’s something I’m passionate about, I’ve worked on it for years. We’ve gotta get the Affordable Care Act to work for everybody; that’ll make a big difference in a lot of people’s lives. We’ve gotta deal with the incarceration system; that was the first speech that I gave. And we’ve got to stand up for our rights, I mean all these guys on the Republican side, they want to restrict or eliminate people’s rights.”

On whether or not Donald Trump scares her:

“I think he’s the Donkey of the Decade. He does scare me because what he’s saying that he would do is wrong for our country.  It’s not only offensive to people and kind of makes you cringe, it’s dangerous. He’s setting people against each other, he’s inciting violence. What he’s doing to basically, in so many ways, play to the worst instincts of people is just in violation of American values and New York values, for sure. And he’s equally dangerous in what he says about foreign policy and national security., I’ll jus give you one example. He says “who cares whether more people have nuclear weapons? Let Japan do it, let South Korea do it, let anybody  do it who wants to do it.” That is one of the most irresponsible, reckless, dangerous things ever to come out of the mouth of someone who is running for president.”

On whether or not she was surprised by Donald Trump at first and if they were ever friends:

“No, I was not a friend of his but, I knew him.  We would run into each other in New York and I think Bill played golf with him a few times. This has been a surprise. It’s been a surprise to a lot of people who know him. He’s always been someone who thinks highly of himself, big ego, grandiose visions. You know, a lot of guys who do developing and building buildings, they think like that. But, this prejudice, this paranoia, this bigotry..that, I had not seen before.”

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On why she thinks she’s the best candidate:

“I know how hard this is. I think that’s why I’m the best-suited person to get in there and get it done. It’s not enough to diagnose the problem. We can sit around here and diagnose every problem we think is facing New York or America. But you’ve got to have solutions. And I’m not gonna over promise. I’m telling you what I think we can get done if we work together, if we’re unified and if we never give up. That’s how I think it has to come down.”

On doing more to help find the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram:

“Well, we are trying to help them now. I know that Michelle Obama spoke out when it happened and I know that the President has worked to try to support the Nigerian government and the neighboring governments with more military support and intelligence and surveillance to try and find the girls. We’ve got to do that.”

On using the term “Superpredator” & addressing systemic racism:

“Well, first of all, I’ve said that I should not have used that word. I was talking about drug gangs and traffickers and cartels but, it was a poor choice of words. We need criminal justice reform and it’s not enough just to have body cameras, although we should have that. We’ve gotta retrain police, we’ve gotta work with communities, we’ve gotta rebuild respect between the police and the communities they’re sworn to protect. I think President Obama’s Policing Commission lays a good foundation for that and I’ve said I will actually follow through on it. I’ve had long conversations with people like Eric Holder and others who have been really on the front lines trying to deal with the systemic problems. There IS systemic racism that has to be called out and addressed. And, I believe I’m in a position to build on the work that Eric Holder, President Obama and others have down to say ‘look, white people have to recognize there is systemic racism.'”

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