Remember that scene in “Boomerang” when Robin Givens calls Eddie Murphy’s pickup line “pretty pathetic.” A new study that defines people’s flirting personalities might identify Givens as a polite flirt, turned off by men who go out of their way to hit on her. In a research project, Jeffrey Hall, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Kansas defined five flirting styles; playful, traditional, physical, sincere and polite. Which one are you? Each approach results in different relationship experiences. For now, let’s take a look at each type of flirt.  The playful flirt doesn’t take the whole flirting business seriously. She’ll chat up a guy with ease, just for the fun of it. She’s also more likely to crack a few jokes to get a man to notice her. The traditional flirt will give a man the eye, but there’s no way she’s stepping to him first. He’s got to come to her and he better come correctly. The polite flirt is all about the rules. She doesn’t like a man to come on too strong and she doesn’t drop a lot of hints either. We assume there’s a lot of talk about the weather and questions like “So, what do you do?” involved in polite flirting. The physical flirt has no problem relaying her sexual interest in the man she wants. Whether it’s planting one on him at a party or brushing her curves against his body to let him know the deal. The sincere flirt wants to know if she has a connection with the man she’s pursuing. She asks about his personal interests from the get-go and shares parts of herself with him as well. What type of flirt are you?