An Alabama town is in shock following the death of a three-year-old girl over a joke that escalated on Facebook.

Three people have been charged with the murder of Livia Robinson who was killed in a drive-by shooting last month as she was standing just outside her home in Huntsville, Alabama, the Ledger-Enquirer reports.

And the reason for the killing was based on an argument that started on Facebook.  

“This case in particular breaks the heart of everybody that’s involved,” Lt. Michael Johnson, spokesman for the Huntsville Police Department, told WAFF.

It all started off when Martin Evenes, 26, made a joke on Facebook that his new girlfriend Brittany Kingston, 27, had assaulted him. What followed was an argument between Kingston, Evenes’ ex-girlfriend Ashley Brown and Robinson’s mother.  

Later, Evenes, Kingston and and another man decided to drive by the Robinson home and to open fire, killing the toddler who was standing by the front door of the house.

When police arrested Evenes, he admitted to the shooting, but says he was not aiming at anyone in particular. He later admitted he was trying to gun down his ex-girlfriend Brown.

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Judges have ruled that prosecutors have probable cause for capital murder charges against all the three people who had been in the car. Their cases now head to a grand jury for consideration of indictments.

A GoFundMe page to cover burial costs has raised more than $7,500.