As we charge through life trying to be “strong Black women,” it can be tough to acknowledge when our self-esteem is low. The first step to boosting your self-confidence is recognizing that you may need a little jolt. As you pledge to be fierce and fabulous, Yahoo Shine has come up with three great ways to boost your confidence. 1. “Set yourself an achievable goal” Give yourself a renewed sense of confidence by setting a goal that you know you can achieve. Yahoo Shine suggests “running a 5K or organizing your digital photos.” Smaller goals — like going to the gym five times a week or cleaning out that front hall closet — can give you a boost too. At the end of the day, week or month, ask yourself what you accomplished and revel in it. 2. “What does confidence look like?” Think of the people who you think are the most confident. Take Michelle Obama or Phylicia Rahsad, Yahoo Shine suggests. Let these “confidence models” show you how it’s done. Check out the way they speak, sit and carry themselves and try to emulate them. “Pretend you’re a scientist, and really study what confidence looks like,” Yahoo Shine says. 3. “Fake it till you make it” Practice makes perfect. If you act like you’re confident — just act like you really want to go to the gym or are really excited to work on another project at work — you’ll “forget you’re supposed to be acting” and you’ll just be confident. Read the full story on Yahoo Shine.