L’Oréal Taps 3 Black Beauty Bloggers for L’Oréal League
@L’OréalParis via Facebook
L’Oréal is taking a lunge into the digital age by spreading its brand message through beauty bloggers. They created the “L’Oréal League” which consists of 15 beauty influencers to take part of a yearlong program where they attend award shows, red carpet events, and master classes along with the usual for beauty bloggers of previewing new products before they launch. Of the 15, three are black women and we are happy to see this being given this great opportunity. Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge, Monica Veloz of Monica Style Muse, and Stephanie Lee of Beauty By Lee are three heavyweights in the beauty and fashion influencer world and are taking their talents on the road to be part of this partnership. They are free to still work with other brands and their first real push will be skincare, so expect to see facial masks on their social media sites. These fifteen women are considered non-traditional spokespeople and L’Oréal wants access to their millions of social media followers. We are happy to see more women of color and especially black woman are making huge strides in beauty and fashion with the big beauty brands. Congrats Christina, Monica and Stephanie!