The 20 Sexiest Songs Ever

The 20 Sexiest Songs Ever
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 02, 2011

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This newbie just made it on our list. With a little help from Lil Wayne, Kelly’s latest single has made it to the top of the charts and everyone’s bedtime playlist.

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One listen of this steamy 90s track was an instant mood starter. Come on, admit it. You know you went out and bought red light bulbs when you first heard it.

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Who would have thought anyone could make the word “boots” sound so sexy? We have to give it to these three, this song truly made its mark on the industry.

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We’ve all succumb to the seduction of Sade’s classics — and this one was by far her finest.

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With a little help from The New Power Generation Prince helped millions make magic in the bedroom with this song’s sassy electric sound.

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Every now and then a song comes around that defines a decade. This hit embodied “sexy” in the 90s.

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This song took musical mood making to new heights – literally.

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Maxwell’s soft and sweet ode to free-spirited love making is an instant mood-pleaser.

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This liberating hit by southern songbird Tweet taught the world you don’t need a partner to feel sexy.

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In the 90s when it came to love-making music, the men of Silk knew how to handle business. Let’s just say they got right to the point.

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When Gerald, Keith, and Johnny teamed up to make this classic, they brought three times the sultriness to the track.

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A song about physical chemistry at its finest, this classic release from R. Kelly’s infamous 12-Play album will help your bodies do the talking so your lips don’t have to.

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Nothing can get you more ready for the night to come than a sweet and sexy song about the glorious morning after that follows. Let ’em know, Diana!

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Not that we’re condoning sex in public, but doesn’t this bonafide hit from Usher just make you want to head off somewhere private, real fast?

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Aaliyah’s gone on to a better place, but her talent lives on. Thankfully this songstress left us with this classic tune feel good tune.

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Teddy’s old-school classic lends a hand in helping adjust your mood for the evening, but what happens after the lights go out is totally up to you.

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The title says it all. When Marvin starts hitting those high notes it really gets hot in here.

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We’ve got nothing but love for the lyrics on this track. Who could leave anyone alone, when this song was playing?

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This song wasn’t just a club hit, it was an after-party smash too. Both the beat and the lyrics truly bring the sexy.

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By far the sexiest track Mr. Campbell ever made, "Shh"’s whispering melodies won’t soon be forgotten.


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