In this the year 2018, we are expected to believe that there is a grown woman, and not a 20-year-old, like an older woman, has never heard of the term blackface in her life. Alas, that is exactly the excuse Iowa first-grade teacher Megan Luloff is trying to push forward after being photographed at an Oct. 19 Halloween party with her arms and face smeared black to complete her outfit as the character Lafawnduh from the 2004 movie Napoleon Dynamite.  Luloff came under fire when photos first circulated, but now she’s apologizing. “In an effort to complete her costume Megan used a dark foundation to enhance her pigmentation to create the likeness of Lafawnduh. At no point during her preparation for the party, or her participation at the event, did Megan ever intend to mock the character’s ethnicity or take any action intended to be offensive to anyone,” Catherine Cartee, an attorney representing Luloff wrote in a statement. “At this point in time Megan had never heard the term “blackface” nor did she know the history of the term. If she had that knowledge she never would have participated in such a way that she deeply regrets her actions.” This despite the years, and years, and years of Black folk telling y’all, every Halloween, that you cannot dress in blackface. Anyway, “after hearing and understanding what blackface is/was, Megan immediately understood the anger and outrage at the photo,” the attorney added. “She immediately took responsibility for her actions and participated fully in the District’s investigation.” According to the attorney, Luloff understands “personally” how feelings about appearance can be, since her child is albino. “[Megan] has often experienced stares, mocking, and ridicule on behalf of her child’s appearance,” the attorney wrote. “The history associated with albinism is not one that many are familiar with, but because of personal experience Megan certainly is. Unfortunately this is a personal experience and knowledge that she did not have at the time with regard to Blackface.” “Megan’s heart is broken for the families she has let down. She will be eternally sorry for her lapse in judgement and will have to live with this forever,” the statement said as it wrapped up. I mean, I guess girl. If that’s what you say that’s what you say. Only you know your story. But in case any other people are left with any other questions. DO NOT WEAR BLACKFACE. You can dress as a Black person or a Black character without painting your skin black. Either commit to the look and up your costume game, or choose something else for your lazy costumes. But, for the love of everything pure, don’t wear blackface. Luloff, according to the attorney, intends to use the incident as a learning tool in the future. TOPICS: