12-Year-Old Vomits on Paula Abdul, Bounces Back Like a Boss  

Little Tahani Anderson was so excited after her SYTYCD audition that she couldn't contain her excitement.

Toni Akindele Jun, 09, 2016

If there were any way to vomit on national television on a pop icon and still walk away with your head held high, this young dancer shows us how.

Monday night, on the second episode of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, 12-year-old Tahani Anderson delivers an athletic, upbeat routine to Beyoncé’s “Countdown” for her audition, securing herself a ticket to Vegas.

When Anderson approaches the judges, accepting her ticket to advance, Paula Abdul hugs the young dancer who vomits on Abdul’s red blazer. 

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Anderson whispers an apology to Abdul who admits she’s never had anyone vomit on her.

A true performer, Anderson braves her debriefing with host Cat Deeley like a champ. “I hugged Paula and she just squeezed me too tight, and all the happiness came out on her jacket,” says a still very excited Anderson post-vomit-inducing audition.

But, seriously, who do you know who could describe vomiting like it was just a cute little sneeze? Tahani Anderson, that’s who.

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