Here’s Everything We Know About The Pregnant Mother Of 3 Fatally Shot By Police
Jonathan Fickies/Getty Images

The fatal police shooting of a 23-year-old Native American woman has left a family in mourning and a Washington community searching for more answers.

Renee Davis was reportedly inside her family’s home on Friday evening, when police arrived after receiving a concerned call from someone who’d said they received a troubling text message from her and worried she may need help. As we continue to learn more about the events leading up to the moment that ultimately resulted in Renee’s terribly sad death, here are 12 things we know so far.

1. A loved one called police to check on Renee after receiving an alarming text message from her earlier in the day. One report alleged that Renee’s message indicated she was suicidal.

2. She was five months pregnant at the time she was shot.

3. She reportedly suffered from a history of depression.

4. She was a resident of Auburn, Washington.

5. In addition to the child on the way, Renee also had three other children, ages 2, 3, and 5.

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6. Police claim they arrived on the scene to find Renee in possession of a handgun with the two youngest children present in the home.

7. While Renee’s sister Danielle Bargala says she wasn’t aware Renee owned a handgun, she did admit that her sister owned a hunting rifle and enjoyed hunting.

8.  Renee worked as a teacher’s aide at a local Head Start pre-school program.

9.  Police reportedly went to the home to do “a wellness check” on Renee after receiving the phone call about the text message.

10. Danielle says she never knew her sister to be violent or harshly discipline the children. She described Renee as “soft-spoken.”

11. Two deputies opened fire on Davis, striking her at least once, the Seattle Times reported. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

12. According to The Washington Post, Renee is one of 32 women shot and killed by police this year and one of 13 who were suffering from a mental illness.