Twitter had no mercy when it came to commenting on last night’s State of the Union Address. We’ve rounded up the most hilarious memes from the most memorable moments of last night’s State of the Union address. Enjoy! The Bread Bag meme During the GOP response, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst told a story about her childhood on the farm where she wore bread bags to keep her only pair of shoes dry. Twitter took the heart breaking story and made a meme that will leave you in tears (from laughter).
The Boener memes From his stoney facial expression to his slightly orange hue, Boehner was the butt of many jokes during the SOTU.
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The “I Won Both” memes Perhaps the most memorable moment of the speech was when President Obama stated the obvious. “I have no more campaigns to run. I know because I already won both of them.” The perfect moment to drop the mic and drop a hilarious meme. What was your favorite moment from the State of the Union address?


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