This 10-Year-Old Motivational Speaker Wants to Spread Confidence and Self-Love
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Nyeeam Hudson, best known as KingNahh to the public, is a 10-year-old motivational speaker working to spread self-love and confidence to children and their parents. 

With more than 66,000 followers on Instagram, KingNahh reaches a mound of people with positive imagery and inspirational monologues multiple times a day. In one of his most recents IG posts, young Nyeeam tells his followers about an incident with a bully in the park. Teased for wearing FILAs and not the new generation’s go-to footwear brands like Nike Jordans or Adidas Yeezys, KingNahh decided to break down the irrelevance of what he was wearing and emphasize things that are important – like the information in his head.

“I am not a material person. I just wear FILAs because [of] the color and I think they’re cool,” says KingNahh. “I told the kid it’s not about what I have on my feet, it’s about what I have inside my head…these sneakers are not even going to fit you 20 years from now.” 

#MotivationMonday: If This Kid Doesn’t Inspire You, Nothing Will

While some may think Nyeeam’s “adorable” influence is just for show, the truth is it’s something he takes very seriously. 

Hudson joined the “FP YouthOutCry Foundation and the H.U.B.B. Community Empowerment Center ― a social organization for youth ― [and] has sharpened his public speaking skills so that he can help to uplift other kids,” reports the Huffington Post. In addition to public speaking appearances, KingNahh is also a published author. He recently released his first book, We Are All Kings!, which “encourages young men to embrace ‘the King quality’ they’re born with and use it to aspire for greatness.”

Need a little more inspiration? Listen to New Jersey’s rising star educate parents on the importance of loving and truly supporting their children and their interests.

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