10 Ways to Appreciate Your Partner This Holiday Season

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all of the other days we spend shopping for the perfect gift can make you crazy. The funny thing is the best gift you can give your loved one is YOU! Instead of combing the stores for that deal on the 52” flat screen or new smart phone (both are great gifts) here are 10 ways for you to show your appreciation for your partner this holiday season. It won’t break the bank and it will go much further than any purchase you can make.

1. Be Present
With so much going on, career, family, kids, friends and celebrating the holidays multi-tasking is a necessity. However, with all of the hustle and bustle we forget to be present in those special moments with our partners. Make a conscious effort to give your partner your complete attention when you’re interacting. That means put down that cellphone at dinner and turn off the TV when he comes home.

2. Impromptu Date Night
We are so scheduled that we have forgetten spontaneity. Surprise your partner with an impromptu date night fully planned by you. Don’t consult him on anything and completely surprise him with the evening’s activities.

3. Love Letters
One of the most romantic things is to write a love letter to your partner extolling his virtues and your love. Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis kept this practice up each year and it cultivated a long-lasting “till death do us part” marriage. It also reminds you why you’re grateful for finding love with your partner. And, I mean a real letter – not an e-mail or text message.

4. Massage
There’s nothing better than the human touch. A personal massage for your partner will not only be a great stress reliever it will probably arouse some sensual sensibilities. If you need some pointers, there are many sites online that will give you instructions.

5. Quality Bed Time
Ending your day with a one-on-one conversation with your partner about how much you appreciate him will go a long way. Forget about the kids, work, the bills and anything else that might be going on. Instead, spend 10-15 minutes sharing your appreciation for one another throughout the holidays.

6. Chore-Free Day
In every household, we all have assigned chores. Take over his chores for a day or two. If he empties the garbage, it’s your turn. Make it meaningful and it will have more of an impact.

7. Mix Tape
When I was in high school, we used to make tapes of love songs for the people we were dating; songs that reminded us of the person, our favorite songs, etc. Make him a mix tape (playlist) with all of the songs that show your love and appreciation as well as the songs that are the soundtrack for your time together.

8. Favorite Meal
Food is a quick way to a man’s heart. Cook his favorite meal (or buy it if you can’t cook) and make that dinner solely about him, his likes, wants, how he’s feeling about life, etc.

9. Call His Boys
There’s nothing like a night out with the fellas. Call his boys up and get them to take him out for a night. Pay for it if you can, but most importantly be excited that he’s getting to spend time with his friends.

10. Gentleman’s Choice
Let him pick whatever activity he wants to do and you do it with him. If it’s watching the game on Sunday, going to see the latest action film or playing paint ball, let him pick the activity and you join in without reservation.

Hope you can use some of these suggestions this holiday season. A little appreciation goes a long way. Tell us other ways you show your appreciation during the holidays.

Wishing you LOVE & CEASELESS JOY. 

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