10 Times ‘Love & Hip-Hip’ Star Cardi B was All of Us (We Aren’t Ashamed, We Live for Her!)
Love & Hip Hops Cardi B rose to fame after her hilarious Instagram videos became the one thing everyone talked about. The stripper-turned-reality-star is quick to remind you that she’s just a “regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx”–and she isn’t ashamed of it. She owns what makes her fabulous and knows what makes her flawed and she doesn’t let that stop her from being authentic and true. Here are 10 times Cardi B was all of us, just as carefree as she wanted to be. 1. She knows life is nothing but a two-way street. via GIPHY ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Creator Mona Scott-Young: ‘I Want Us to Be Represented in Every Form—Good, Bad and Ugly’ 2. Cardi B loves the kids.

3. She understands how the game is played but she’s always going to call it like she sees it. via GIPHY 4. There are three things that she doesn’t like all too well. via GIPHY 5. She knows her body can sometimes hold her back.

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  6. Having a problem with her will end when pigs fly. via GIPHY Which City Will Host the Next ‘Love and Hip Hop’? 7. Don’t mess with her paper. via GIPHY 8. She calls it like she sees it.   via GIPHY 9. She loves her man and holds him down. via GIPHY 10. Her self-esteem is through the roof. via GIPHY Thank you Cardi B for being you! 

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