10 Beauty Manifestos You Should Live By
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We all think of beauty as a free space. After all, so much of how you wear your makeup is about self-expression and there is no beauty regimen that is one size fits all, but there is certainly a base line for every beauty routine that is universal, and nuggets of knowledge that could make yours better. Here are 10 that we swear by, and you should too!

1. Reading is Fundamental

Simple, we know, but contrary to popular belief, they are there for a reason. And while some are of the school of thought that most beauty products are self-explanatory, you may be surprised to learn that you’ve been misusing a number of products based on common assumption. For example, did you know you aren’t supposed to shake drying lotion? After a year of instinctively shaking a substance, I read the instructions and improved the overall efficacy by using it correctly.

2. Your Gotta Protect in Order to ‘Serve’

Sun spots and wrinkle don’t do your skin any favors. Protect your self from harmful UV rays so your can live in your best skin. Sunscreen only comes in one form, but if the sometimes-chalky lotion isn’t your thing, at the very least you should use vitamin E. As for anti-again, any medical professional will tell you that an SPF and a retinal are crucial to maintaining skin with a youthful appearance. However, you can also combat again with your diet. Think: fatty-rich foods like avocado and salmon.

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3. Everything in Moderation.

Makeup is great for camouflaging imperfections, but following a poor diet can be the root of a lot of those imperfections. An excess of greasy foods or habits like smoking are always visible on your skin. And hangovers are much more than the sensation of a room spinning or bouts of nausea— your skin gets hung-over too. So while you not be hungover Saturday morning, your skin may be show the effects of those cocktails until Wednesday. Breakouts don’t take vacations.

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4. When it Comes To Makeup, There Are No Rules.

Makeup isn’t a one-size-fits all sort of thing. What works for you may not work for everyone else; so experiment with color. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Some of the best products on the market were created because someone played around (lip a cheek products—someone ran out of blush one day and swiped lipstick on their cheeks instead. Voila! New product.) Have fun with it. Experimenting with trends and different beauty looks can uncover new sides of you. Don’t think you can pull off purple lipstick? Try it anyway!

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5. Know When to Hold, and When to Fold.

Kenny Rogers had it right in his tune, “The Gambler” back in ’78. But knowing when to hold and when to fold applies to more than just gambling— keeping your makeup or skincare products for too long just leads to terrible skin or worse— infection. Check the date on your skincare; if you can’t remember when you bought it, toss it. If you’ve had it since you were sporting plaits and barrettes in your hair— girl, it is time to move on. If you’re keeping it for mementos, don’t use it.

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6. Embrace the #BareFacedSelfie Every Once In a While.

Let your skin take a breather every once in a while. Sometimes we spend so much time analyzing and concealing our skin for all of the things that it isn’t, that we don’t appreciate all of things that it is. We get it— if you’re a die-hard makeup junkie, asking you to put down your blending brush is like giving up the rights to your first born. We’re not saying quite makeup all together, but giving your pores a product break once a week could work wonders on your skin, and you may even begin to love the ease that comes with getting ready on a no-makeup or minimal makeup day.

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7. It Takes a Long Time To Be A Diva. I Mean, You Gotta Work At It.

Take it from Diana Ross; beauty—like everything else in life— is not something that you master in one day. Whether you’ve got diva dreams or you just want to be the fabulous girl—or woman— next door, give yourself time to evolve. If you haven’t identified your beauty signature or your style personality is in transition, it’s okay. Sometimes it takes years to find a beauty uniform, just like nailing a certain technique takes time and practice. Play around, have fun with it. You’re gorgeous either way.

8. You are your only competition.

Drop the habit of comparing someone else’s beauty look to your own. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but not when it comes at the expense of your self-esteem. This applies to everything from makeup application to hair texture. Being inspired by someone is one thing, comparing yourself to himor her is entirely different. The only person you’re competing with in the mirror is you, and you’re pretty amazing— own it!

9. Perfection is Boring.

Once upon a time, a group of people—probably men— gathered together in a room and set the frame work of “beauty” and “perfection.” And for some reason, it stuck; we started to believe it and tried our hardest to fall within its parameters. Some of the things we are told are flaws actually add to our overall appeal. Your gorgeous brown skin, voluminous strands, the width of your nose, your hooded lids, the gap in your teeth or that birthmark you spend a few extra minutes everyday trying to conceal— they’re all yours and uniquely beautiful; flaunt them! Beauty is what you make it.

10. You’re Beautiful. Period.

It’s simple and to the point, but it must be said. With or without cosmetic enhancements, you’re absolutely gorgeous— remind yourself of that. Validate yourself.

What are some of the beauty manifestos that you live by? Share them in the commetns below!