Candidate name: Dee Thornton State: Indiana Bio: Dierdre (known as`Dee’) Thornton never realized how playing sports would impact every aspect of her life. She was awarded a scholarship to play basketball at the University of Louisville. After graduation in the 1980s, she landed her first job at Xerox in Indiana. During 30 years with the company, Thornton rose through the ranks. The executive worked full time, raised a family in Carmel and earned an MBA, before retiring early. As a wife and mother of three adults, Thornton now wants to go to Congress. She uses the terms “resilience” and “grit” and the ability to turn perceived problems into opportunities as some of her assets. Her platform includes fighting for affordable health care, good paying jobs, quality education, infrastructure, women’s equality, and environmental protections. Social justice, tackling the opioid epidemic and gun reform are also priorities. “I support Second Amendment rights and I recognize the need for common sense gun legislation. I strongly support gun reform,” she writes on her website. Thornton looks up to her mother (she praised mom as a “lifetime learner”) and believes her own experiences have prepared her well for Congress. “I am ready for what lies ahead and ask for your support and your vote.” For more information: