Name: Cat Brooks State: California Bio: An organizer, activist, and actor, Cat Brooks serves as the Executive Director of the Justice Teams Network, a network of grassroots activists providing rapid response and healing justice in response to all forms of state violence across California, according to her campaign website. Because of her father’s battles with drug addition and the criminal justice system, she has been there for community members who have also fallen victim to the war on drugs. She played a central role in the struggle for justice for Oscar Grant and With APTP she shepherded the development of a “First Responders” process which provides resources and training for a rapid community-based response to police violence. This model is currently being replicated across the state of California and the country. Brooks is the co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP) whose mission, through a pioneering First Responder process, is to rapidly respond to and ultimately eradicate state violence in communities of color. Brooks also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in theater from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. For more information: Campaign Website Twitter Facebook